Aussie Specialists

We have a team of travel experts to help you on your vacation. Below you’ll find a quick note from each of the creators of our company.

Veronica Pearce


View from Blu Bar on 36 at Shangri-La, Sydney, Australia


G’day! – Think of me as your personal guide through the South Pacific!  I’m a native of South Australia. I was born in Renmark, a small country town.  Besides Renmark, I have also lived in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney (and frequented Melbourne a lot for work too).  These were all fantastic experiences as each city is different offering such a wide diversity.  Australia is not just about the big cities though.  Thankfully when I was a youngster, my family and I traveled extensively through Australia, and as a young adult I loved trips with friends.  I feel I have a true appreciation of our local’s flavor.

Here are some “Tips” for you:

People ask me regularly, “Why did you leave Australia? Why do I live in the USA?”  The answer is pretty simple. I see myself as an ambassador for Australia.  I love my country and truly enjoy helping our clients experience the “Best of the Best”– Aussie style.  Let us do this for you!

From Paul Watkins

Paul with the Kangaroos in South Australia

I’ve heard it said that four out of every five Americans dream of traveling to Australia.  As a native Aussie, I know why – Our country truly is like no other place on earth!

Interestingly, Australia is only 8% smaller than the United States (approximately).  Comparatively the USA has a population of 307 million; however, incredibly, Australia has only approx 22 million.  Any trip to Australia has to be well planned logistically because it is a vast country with large spaces in-between cities and towns.  To maximize the best use of your vacation time, you’ll need to consider limited flight schedules to remote yet stunning locations, as well as the seasonal weather.

In Australia you can visit a beach and be the only person there, surf an amazing break alone, travel north to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, venture south to ski our snowy mountains, or visit the heart of Australia to experience the red desert sands of the Rugged Outback. We have lush rainforests and brilliant beaches. But best of all, Aussies are super friendly people always ready to help with directions, have a chat, or share a pack of beer at a BBQ.

I’m proud to be from this great country. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and have lived in some of our iconic cities like Sydney and Brisbane.  My home state is Queensland, however I have many favorite places around the country like Port Douglas, Kangaroo Island, The Gold Coast, The Blue Mountains, and The Barossa – just to name a few. As a child, I remember traveling with my family across Australia with Dad towing our caravan behind the family car.  Kids in Australia do everything outdoors.  From swimming, cricket, sailing, beach volleyball and fishing – you name it, we had-a-go at everything.  And yet even as an adult, exploring the great outdoors of Australia still to this day amazes me.

I want people to experience the “Real Australia” – the people, the places, the culture and our way of life. That’s why in 1998 the concept of About Australia was born.

The backbone of our company focus is – “We want others to travel to Australia with confidence that they will experience a wonderful vacation full of adventure, romance, and relaxation – a trip of a lifetime.”

Realizing that I cannot do it all myself, our friendly sales team is trained in-house and most have visited each country themselves. Each team member appreciates the responsibility they have when developing an itinerary for you.  We have Diving specialists, Walking specialists, Escorted Touring specialists and more.  We’ll consult with you to see what your interests are and create a travel vacation package to meet your timeframe, budget and dreams.  I personally travel back to each country annually to attend tourism conferences with industry leaders and inspect our preferred accommodation and tour providers to ensure they maintain the highest of standards.

I have been asked so many times – “Can you come on our trip with us and be our guide?” I wish I could.  I’m confident that we have the expertise and systems set in place to make sure your trip will be one of the best you will take in your life.

Over the years we have expanded our services to Australia’s neighboring countries like New Zealand, Fiji and Vanuatu.  We have traveled the length and breadth of each to ensure we know them inside out, and to ensure they maintain the same quality experience as Australia.  Our next few locations to focus on will be Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, and Cook Islands. Be sure to watch this space.

So if you are interested in traveling to the land “Down Under” or a neighboring country, let our team of experts help you get there.  Life is too short to stay at home!