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We’ve gathered a list of the best road trips in Australia to inspire you for your next great adventure.

4 Spectacular Australia Road Trips

Australia is huge – it’s almost the same size as the U.S.! And just like the U.S., there are long stretches of land, dotted with towns and set along breathtaking scenery, to inspire the imagination on a classic road trip.

An Australian road trip lets you see the unique and less traveled features of this vast country. Nothing beats finding true hidden gems and local secrets along the way. The best part is these are very easy, open roads!

Here are 4 of the best road trips in Australia.

Travel Agent Reviews

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Sadie Larkin
Amazing Trip

So glad About Australia and Koda could make my dream come true. Such an incredible trip. Managed to accomplish so many things: Great Barrier Reef, Tjapuka dinner show, whitewater rafting, Wildlife Dome (picture holding koala bear), shopping, Blue Mountain tour (feeding and petting kangaroos), seeing 3 Sisters, using 2 day Harbour Pass to visit most stops, walking the Harbour Bridge and Rocks District, Sydney Opera House, Whale Watching Tour, couple of massages, and more shopping. (...)

Nancy Copeland
Picture taken at Sydney Harbor

We had a very well planned trip by about Australia, the activities were fun. The rooms were fantastic. Only complaint it wasn’t long enough. I’d definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.

Alexandra Stra
It was an amazing trip. The tours were excellent.
Gary B
Best Vacation Ever

Everything was perfect for our trip. Everything I wanted to see and the package Chris put together was perfect. It was action packed but got to see everything we wanted to see. Working with About Australia was smooth and an easy process. Chris spend a lot of time putting the package together and we couldn't be more pleased. All the hotels were in great locations for us to visit the sites. Can't thank you enough for the best vacation ever.



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