Iconic Australia Highlights Vacation Deal

Australia Vacation Deal | Iconic Australia Highlights

11 Days Melbourne, Cairns & Sydney with Flights from $2,999*

Trip Overview: Picture yourself exploring the bustling streets of Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia. Dive into the vibrant underwater world of Cairns, a tropical paradise and gateway to a world teeming with exotic wildlife. And finally, Sydney – the jewel of the Australian coastline. Feel the sand between your toes at Bondi Beach, catch a show at the iconic Sydney Opera House, and marvel at the stunning views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Get ready for a journey that will leave you breathless and craving more.

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Highlights & Inclusions:

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Book by: June 28, 2024

Permitted US Departures: Select Dates Now – March 15, 2025
Lowest Price for Basic & Tours Packages Found: Select Dates August 8 – December 5, 2024. Please note, lower prices maybe available if you don’t mind a layover in Nadi, Fiji. Ask your Travel Advisor for details!
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Experience More & Save More with a Discounted Add-On Package!

    • Basic Travel Package

    • $2,999+

      • 4-Star Hotels
      • 4 Private Transfers
      • 2 Shuttle Transfers
      • International Flights
      • Australian Domestic Flights
      • Your Own Travel Specialist
      • Totaling 11 Days / 9 Nights
    • Add Tours Package

    • Add $460+

      • Everything in Basic Package plus:
      • Phillip Island Day Tour
      • Great Barrier Reef Cruise & Snorkeling
      • Sydney Opera House Tour
      • 2-Day Sydney Harbour Cruise Pass
      • Totaling 11 Days / 9 Nights
    • Add Outback

    • Add $1,260+

      • Everything in Basic Package plus:
      • 2 Nights in Uluṟu
      • 2-Day Uluṟu Sightseeing Tours Pass
      • Totaling 13 Days / 11 Nights
    • Have It All Package

    • Add $1,660+

      • Everything in Basic Package plus:
      • Everything in Add Tours Package
      • Everything in Add Outback Package
      • Totaling 13 Days / 11 Nights

Current Travel Restrictions and Additional Costs

Australia COVID Travel Restrictions and Additional Costs

Sydney Harbor aerial Questions about Australia’s COVID travel restrictions? We’re here for you! As specialists in travel to Australia, we are keeping up to date on all restrictions and providing our clients with the information they need to make their trip to Australia a reality. Great news! Australia is making it easier to visit! We will update this as often as possible, but please understand these are fluid and may change. Costs associated with travel requirements to Australia are not included in your itinerary unless specifically listed. We will update this information with approximate costs as we become aware of them. Last Updated: 12/7/2022

Going to Australia

Travelers are reminded that it is your responsibility to ensure you meet the requirements of the airline you are traveling with and any countries you transit through.

Here’s what you need to visit Australia:

Stay up to date on Australia Travel Requirements, click here. To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click here.

Applying for your Visa

Tips for filling out your Australia ETA (Visa) application:
  • ETA are instantly approved unless any application errors or eligibility issue.
    • Most common eligibility issues seen involve criminal convictions.
      Please see our tips for USA passport holders with criminal history (https://www.aboutaustralia.com/travel-tips/travel-visa-australia/)
    • Avoid the following common errors that will hold up your application.
      • Name Mis-spelling – Double check your work!
      • Entering dates in the USA format instead of DAY – MONTH- YEAR
      • Mixing up the SURNAME and FIRST NAME Fields
  • ETAs can ONLY be processed through the official Australian ETA App on your smart phone.
Australian ETA
  • If you are unable to complete the ETA application can apply for a standard Tourist Visa – subclass 600 – via a web form. Processing time is currently about 3 weeks.
  • Questions? Call the Global Service Center BEFORE submitting your application to ensure quick processing times.
    • Phone Number +61 2 6196 0196

To Return to the USA

Stay up to date on USA travel restrictions: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel.html

Trip Details

Iconic Cities, Natural Wonders, and World-Famous Landmarks….

Twelve Apostles, Victoria. Photo: Tourism Australia

Ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

We know just the place.

A place where you can explore untouched natural wonders, sail past iconic world landmarks, swim in the Great Barrier Reef, and meet the world’s most unique wildlife.

Where the people are friendly, the lifestyle is relaxed, and the scenery is spectacular.

Nowhere does it like Australia. And while it’s a long way from most places, that makes the journey all the more fascinating.

And the memories will be absolutely unforgettable.

That’s why we’ve packed the best of Australia in one incredible vacation with our 11-Day Iconic Australia Highlights deal!


Couple on Yarra pedestrian bridge, Melbourne.
Yarra Bridge, Melbourne. Photo: Tourism Australia

This highlight-heavy vacation begins in Melbourne, Australia’s undisputed cool kid. Here, every moment is about enjoying the finer things in life.

A passion for all things art, music and food touches every corner of the city – even the coffee is blended with an artful flourish that will raise your standards to an unparalleled level.

You’ll spend 3 nights in a 4-star apartment-style hotel located in the heart of the city.

There’s an unmistakably European feel about the city, with a whole world of vibrant cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and bars tucked within its central laneways.

Meet Iconic Australian Wildlife at Phillip Island

Phillip Island Penguins credit Tourism Australia
Phillip Island Fairy Penguins. Photo: Tourism Australia

Upgrade with our Add Tours Package to visit Phillip Island, a sanctuary of native wildlife, rugged coasts, fantastic surf beaches and an idyllic island culture.

Phillip Island is full of quintessential Australia experiences!

  • You’ll get up close and personal with Australia’s iconic native animals and meet incredibly rare species.
  • Witness Australian sheep shearing, sample local artisan chocolate and visit koalas in the wild.
  • Stroll along Phillip Island’s rocky coast taking in the sounds of the ocean.
  • See hundreds of tiny penguins waddle from the ocean on their way home for the night.
  • This package includes access to an exclusive viewing area!


Girl swimming underwater in Cairns Lagoon
Cairns Lagoon. Photo: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Get ready to dive into the colorful world of Australia’s tropical wonders in Cairns. From Melbourne you’ll take a flight to Cairns, the gateway city to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

With its backdrop of lush rainforest and heady laid-back atmosphere, Cairns promises days of relaxation in a playground of possibilities.

Enjoy 3 nights in Cairns at a 4-star hotel located in the heart of city, within walking distance to the famous Cairns Esplanade and vibrant waterfront district.

Experience the Underwater Wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland credit Tourism Australia
Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Tourism Australia

Don’t miss your chance to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world while you’re in Australia! Choose to upgrade with our Add Tours package to explore its underwater crown jewel – the Great Barrier Reef.

Relax and let yourself be enchanted by the tropical paradise surrounding you.

  • Your cruise will set out to two spectacular snorkeling locations on the outer Great Barrier Reef, where the underwater wildlife and reef are thriving.
  • Enjoy five hours of snorkeling the otherworldly sights of this underwater wonderland – snorkeling equipment included.
  • Replenish your energy with a tropical BBQ buffet lunch of fresh fish, steak, salads and shrimp, as well as an afternoon tea and glass of wine.
  • Upgrade with optional SCUBA dives and meet more underwater locals – see clown fish, turtles and discover spectacular coral formations.


Aerial view of Bondi Pool, Sydney, Australia
Bondi, Sydney. Photo: Tourism Australia

After experiencing the tropical charms of Australia, head to the country’s most iconic destination – Sydney.

Here you’ll stay three nights in a central 4-star hotel. Sydney is never short on things to do and is home to many of Australia’s best museums, art galleries, and restaurants.

Take a day for yourself if you wish to just explore the city and let serendipity take over. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the markets, savor the fusion of multicultural flavors, or whiling the night away in swanky bars, drinks in hand.

See Sydney’s Quintessential Icon

Sydney Opera House tour
Photo: Sydney Opera House

You’ve no doubt seen pictures of the renowned Sydney Opera House. This architectural marvel is world-famous for its iconic design, but the inside is just as interesting.

Upgrade with our Add Tours Package for an included guided tour of the Opera House, and see the magic behind the scenes.

  • View some of its vast performance halls and see the glass-enclosed foyer offering incredible views of the harbor.
  • Marvel at the details that went in to the making of the Opera House while an expert guide gives you the inside scoop from the Opera House’s inception to grand opening.
  • Learn about unforgettable and historic performances as well as the exciting future of the Opera House.

Explore Sydney in Style

Sydney Harbour Cruise credit Tourism Australia
Sydney Harbour Cruise. Photo: Tourism Australia

Imagine this: You’re cruising along the iconic Sydney Harbour waters, soaking in the stunning views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The cool breeze gently plays in your hair, the sun warms your face, and the sound of waves rumbles beneath you. Pure bliss.

When you upgrade with our Add Tours Package, we’ll include a 2-Day Sydney Harbour Cruise Explorer Pass. After all, when in one of the world’s most famous harbor cities, exploring by water is a must!

  • See Sydney’s famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the water.
  • Discover other popular sites such as Taronga Zoo, Manly Beach, Shark Island, and Circular Quay.
  • Jump off at any stop to explore your favorites and jump back on to continue on your cruise along the harbor.
  • Enjoy incredible photo moments as you sail along Sydney’s most iconic landmarks!

As the sun sets on your final day in Sydney, you’ll look back on your vacation filled with essential Australian experiences with a smile on your face.

But maybe you’re not ready to say goodbye?

There’s so much to see and do in Australia, that one visit never seems enough. Our clients tell us all the time – the only thing they’d change about their trip is seeing even more!

That’s why we created our Add Outback package, featuring 2 additional nights in Uluru (Ayers Rock), the heart of Australia’s famous Outback.

Explore the Breathtaking Landscapes of Uluṟu

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia
Uluṟu. Photo: Tourism Australia

Imagine the rich red earth beneath your feet and the vast expanse of desert stretching out before you. Now picture yourself standing in awe as the sun sets behind the iconic rock formation, painting the sky in vibrant hues.

A visit to Uluṟu is a journey into Australia’s deep connection to the ancient land and its ancient indigenous history.

Upgrade with our Add Outback Package to include 2 nights in Uluṟu with an included 2-Day pass of two guided tours into Uluṟu-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Add Outback Package Inclusions:

  • 13 Days/ 11 Nights Australia
  • Accommodation – Melbourne (3 Nights), Cairns (3), Uluṟu (2), Sydney (3)
  • International Flights – Los Angeles to Melbourne, Sydney to Los Angeles
  • Australian Domestic Flights – Melbourne to Cairns, Cairns to Uluṟu, Uluṟu to Sydney
  • Private Transfers – Melbourne Airport to Accommodation (Return), Sydney Airport to Accommodation (Return)
  • Shuttle Transfers – Cairns Airport to Accommodation (Return), Ayers Rock Airport to Accommodation (Return)
  • Day Tours – 2-Day Uluṟu-Kata Tjuta National Park Pass with 2 Guided Tours


We’re big fans of making sure you hit everything you want to see on your Australia vacation.

That’s why we’ve created our Have It All Package. This is the ultimate upgrade, combining everything in our Add Tours AND Add Outback Packages for a truly iconic Australia vacation you’ll never forget!

Have It All and Experience the Ultimate Australia Vacation

Have It All Package Inclusions:

Couple snorkeling with sea turtle
Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Tourism Australia
  • 13 Days / 11 Nights Australia
  • 4-Star Accommodation – Melbourne (3 Nights), Cairns (3), Uluṟu (2), Sydney (3)
  • International Flights – Los Angeles to Melbourne, Sydney to Los Angeles
  • Australian Domestic Flights – Melbourne to Cairns, Cairns to Ayers Rock Airport, Ayers Rock Airport to Sydney
  • Private Transfers – Melbourne Airport to Accommodation (Return), Sydney Airport to Accommodation (Return)
  • Shuttle Transfers – Cairns Airport to Accommodation (Return), Ayers Rock Airport to Accommodation (Return)
  • Day Tours – Melbourne: Phillip Island Day Tour; Cairns: Great Barrier Reef & Snorkeling; Uluṟu: 2-Day Uluṟu-Kata Tjuta National Park Pass with 2 Guided Tours; Sydney: Sydney Opera House Tour, 2-Day Sydney Harbour Cruise Pass

Ready to dive into the trip of a lifetime? It’s as simple as selecting your trip with the click of a button. We’ll take care of the rest. From flight bookings to accommodation, activities, transfers and more—you can simply enjoy your vacation.

As experts in Australian travel, we put trips like these together all day. From the moment you speak to our Destination Specialists to your plane touching down back home, we’ll make sure every aspect of your trip goes without a hitch.

Click the button below to book this Australia vacation deal today!

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