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Why Tasmania?

Better Wine than France
Better Whisky than Ireland
Better Golf than California
And – We Have Kangaroos!

With the cleanest air in the world, it’s no wonder why Tasmania is home to the most pristine beaches, the most unique wildlife, the best golf courses, and the freshest ingredients for our world-class whisky, wine, and seafood.

And right now, including Tasmania to your itinerary can actually save you money! When you include 4 nights in your Australian itinerary, you’ll save 15% on your hotels, tours, and transfers in Tasmania.

On an island merely 1/10 the size of Texas, you can experience more in Tasmania than you have in your last five vacations combined. And yet even a year on this magnificent island wouldn’t be enough.

Tassie has Wildlife

Tassie has Wildlife

With mobs of kangaroos hopping through the surreal landscape alongside the highway, getting to your next destination is half the fun!

Rufous Wallabies, Eastern Quolls, and Tasmanian Devils are just a few species that can be found nowhere else in the world! And with the same kangaroos, penguins, and echidnas of the mainland, along with over 20 species of whales, you’ll wonder why anyone goes ANYWHERE other than Tasmania for wildlife.

Tassie has Food

Tassie has food

As Tasmania is one of the world’s major fish suppliers, you’ll be enjoying the freshest seafood imaginable. Enjoy salmon that was just plucked from the ocean and prepared by a master chef. Take a cooking course at the Bay of Fires Beach House. Or scoop your own oysters from the ocean, shuck ‘em, and eat ‘em. What could be fresher than that?

Tassie has Class

Tassie has class

With nearly 4,000 acres of vineyards, Tasmania is home to some of the richest wines on the planet. And with over 100 local wine producers that sell only within Tasmania, you can bring home a bottle of the most exclusive vino to share with friends.

While wine is a staple of Tasmanian culture, it is nothing compared to Tassie’s whisky. One of only four countries to ever earn the title of World’s Best Single Malt Whisky, Tasmania is home to more than twenty distilleries that you can tour to get a taste of what whisky is really supposed to taste like. A souvenir bottle would look great on your shelf, if you can restrain yourself from drinking it.

Golf, anyone? With 65 golf courses – two of which were ranked in the top 100 golf courses in the world – Tasmania will make you forget all about Pebble Beach.

Tassie has Culture

Tassie has culture

Visit an underground museum inside a winery. Troll the world-famous Salamanca Market. Tour convict settlements and learn of the grim history of the island. If you’re looking for a vacation that will change the way you see the world, Tasmania is the place to do so.

Most importantly…

Tassie will Save You Money!

Along with your 15% discount after including Tasmania in your Australian vacation, add a 5th night in Hobart for free! And with roundtrip airfare to Australia under $1000 (the lowest we’ve seen in months), your cheap stay in Tasmania can actually make Australia more affordable.


Tasmania Has Always Been the Island Destination That Has It All

Only Now Has It Become

The Financially Smartest Destination

 So what do you want from your next vacation? Unique and unforgettable memories? Convenience? Affordability?

Or do you want it ALL?

 Make your next trip your BEST trip right now by customizing your Australia/Tasmania vacation with a little help from About Australia.



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