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How to Secure Your Trip and Make a Payment

Thank you for choosing to book through About Australia, About New Zealand, About Fiji or About Papua New Guinea! We take your security seriously a have some safeguards in place to protect you and our ARC Accreditation.

The easiest way to submit your forms and payments is to click on the unique links provided by your Destination Specialist in your quote/email. You will have a Payment Link and a Traveler Information Link.   If you prefer to submit hard-copies of your documents, please follow the directions below.

You can submit the following through our Secure Document Portal or fax to 1-210-541-6755.  The forms are designed to be filled out, electronically signed, saved and uploaded to the portal. 

You can also print out these forms and submit a scanned copy or photo through the portal or by fax. 

Submit Signed Terms & Conditions

Please download and sign the Terms & Conditions of Travel.

Submit Your Passports or Name Verification

If you have your passports, submit a copy or photo of the identification page for all travelers.

If you do not have your passports, submit a name verification form and a copy of the payer’s ID.

Submit Visa Application

If you are traveling to Australia, submit a Visa Application for each traveler. Visas are $15 each.

If you are traveling to New Zealand, submit a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) application and International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) through the Department of Immigration (New Zealand) website or mobile app (iOS or Android) . In total, both will cost about $30 USD.

Make Your Payment

You have three payment options:

Pay by Credit Card

  1. Download our Credit Card Payment Authorization Form
  2. Fill it out
  3. Return to us.
    1. You can sign electronically and submit directly to our Secure Document Portal
    2. You can print, sign and scan or take a photo through our Secure Document Portal
    3. You can print, sign and fax the form to 1-210-541-6755
    4. Please do not email credit card details.
  4. Call 1-888-359-2877 to process your credit card over the phone.

Pay by Direct Deposit

Request Bank Details

Pay by Check






Thank you for your business. We are excited to have the opportunity to help you have a worry-free vacation!