Things to do in Kangaroo Island Australia

Kangaroo Island Australia (South Australia)

Kangaroo Island is a magical travel destination and reflects the true essence of a Australia, our culture and unique wildlife.  If your planning a visit to this off-the-beaten-path gem you’ll be quite surprised at how large island actually is.  To help you plan in advance, we’ve put together our shortlist of Things to do in Kangaroo Island. So scan through them and decide which ones appeal to you the most, then contact us and let us create your custom itinerary for your dream trip to Australia. We’re Experts at planning Australian Vacations – it’s what we do every day!

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What to do in Kangaroo Island Australia

Must Sees & Dos in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Leafy Sea Dragons

Seal Bay Conservation Park

Treat Yourselves!

Kangaroo Island Dive Experience

Private Island Tours

Luxury Wildlife & Adventure Tours

Scenic Flights


Popular Kangaroo Island Vacations


Below are some popular Australia Vacations that include Kangaroo Island day tours & sightseeing to some of the attractions listed above.  All itineraries are customizable…

10 Days: Australia Country and Coast Tour [ESMA] (Fully Escorted/Guided)
14 Days: Sydney, Melbourne & KI Self Drive [ST-SD3] (Self-Drive)
17 Days: Outback, Trains & Great Ocean Road Tour [ST-2219] (Fly & Drive)
17 Days: Overland & the Ghan [ST-Train8] (Scenic Rail Experience)
22 Days: Great Ocean Road, Outback & Sydney Tour [ST-1660A] (Extended Tour)