Uluru Sunrise & Guided Base Walk [AYQ60]
Day Tour, Uluru Sunrise & Guided Base Walk. Ayers Rock, Australia.

On your vacation explore the fascinating surroundings of Australia’s Red Centre with a tour guide. Watch the sunrise over Uluru and be sure to snap a few great photos. Afterwards enjoy a walk around the base of Uluru.

Today you’ll rise early and travel to Talinguru Nyakunytjaku the Uluru Sunrise Viewing area.
You’ll be served tea or coffee while you begin to absorb the enormity and beauty of your surroundings.

You’ll have an incredible view through stunning desert landscape as the sun rises over Uluru and Kata Tjuta. From the viewing platform it is possible to see way into the distance, providing an ideal photo opportunity.

Enjoy a light breakfast and warming tea or coffee while you begin to absorb the enormity and beauty of your surroundings.
Boarding the coach, it’s a short drive to the sacred site of Kuniya Piti. Once there, you’ll be captivated as your Guide shares the secrets of the sacred sites. As you follow your Guide on the Kuniya Walk you’ll hear stories of the Anangu, passed on through many generations.
Continue around the base of Uluru to the Mala Walk. Here you’ll see some of the sacred sites where Aboriginal communities live and prepare for ceremony. Some believe that as you walk through this area, you’ll be surrounded by the spirit of the Mala Tjukurpa – the hare-wallaby people.
The vision of a powerful waterfall in a desert setting is really something to see, particularly after rain when the water flows from the side of Uluru and plunges into Kantju Gorge.
After a short rest break, continue along the Lungkata Walk, where your guide will tell you the Tjukurpa story of the cheeky Blue Tongue Lizard!
The Mutitjulu Waterhole is a valuable source of water for the Aboriginal people in the area. Here you’ll see wonderful Aboriginal rock paintings and learn about the Aboriginal and European history of Uluru. Complete your walk at Kuniya Piti, where you’ll board your coach and receive a certificate of your achievement – walking the base of Uluru!

DEPARTS Daily 90 minutes prior to sunrise from Ayers Rock Resort
RETURNS 1:00pm approximately to Ayers Rock Resort

Comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, camera & jacket in cooler months