Bungy Jump [CNS30]
Day Tour, Bungy Jump - 2 Hours. Cairns, Australia.

Live your life fearlessly! Push your limits 164-feet (50-meters) above the world’s oldest rainforest! Whether you are a first time jumper and happy with just getting off the edge or a seasoned thrill seeker, this unique jump menu will take you up to, and right outside of your comfort zone.

Located 25 minutes north of Cairns in the lush rainforest is the ONLY Bungy Tower in Australia. With a world’s first Jump Menu offering 16 different jump styles, there’s a Jump for everyone. There’s nothing like a little adrenalin hit to remind you you’re still alive!

The bungy site is designed for ultimate spectating with tailor-made viewing platforms, decks, licensed bar, music, free transport, live bands on Sundays and sun chairs.

From the top of the tower you can see out over the Northern Beaches and out to the incredible Great Barrier Reef. So when you’re on the edge, ready to jump, suck in the views as it all looks quite different on the rebound!

Need to Know

– Great site for hanging out, having fun, meeting locals and getting a real Bungy experience
– The ONE & ONLY Bungy Tower in Australia
– Only site in the world that offers all day jump packages
– Bar on site
– Height: 50m/164ft
– World’s ONLY 16 Style Jump Menu
– World’s ONLY site that offers a BMX jump off the Tower roof!
– 196 stairs to the top Cairns’ highest viewing platform
– 30 Years, 4 Million Jumps – Perfect Safety Record
– All weather activity
– Every paying customer may bring one (1) confirmed spectator for FREE on the transfer. They can climb up to the tower for a bird’s eye view of Cairns for FREE as well.
– Minimum jump age 10 years old
– Minimum jump weight 99lb (45kg) (if you are over 77lb (35kg) you may be able to do a tandem jump!)
– You must inform tour operator of the following medical conditions: High blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, pregnancy, epilepsy, dislocations, neurological disorders, vertigo. Please note – this list is NOT exhaustive. (There aren’t many restrictions: They can Jump people in wheelchairs, people with limited or no eyesight and many other cases)
– A small surcharge per person will be charged to defray the cost of risk management and public liability insurance. This is payable at time of activity and is about $10AUD.


– Try the world’s Fast Jungle Swing!
– Add the jungle swing to your Bungy jump or ditch the Bungy and only do the swing. The only multi-person Jungle Swing in Australia swoops through the rainforest from 148 feet (45 meters) down to 3 feet (1 meter) in 3.5 seconds, reaching speeds up to 120km/h. But don’t think it’s up to the Swing Master to set you going – you have the control, all you have to do it pull the self release
– BMXtreme: Jump on a BMX bike
– Biggest Day Out! Unlimited Bungy, Giant Jungle Swing & Lunch
Bungy or swing at Sunrise! Kickstart your day with a buffet breakfast and adrenaline pump, be back at your hotel by 9am for your next adventure.