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Hot Air Balloon Ride [CNS90]
Day Tour, Hot Air Balloon Ride - 30 min. Cairns, Australia.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime riding in a hot air balloon during this half-day tour!

Whether this is your first or one of many, this balloon ride is sure to be one of your favorites with a fun and highly trained crew to help maximize your fun. This morning, head about an hour west for take off to the Atherton Tablelands known for its excellent weather, spectacular scenery and reliable take off conditions. You will be in awe as you see the largest fleet of hot air balloons prepare to sail the skies. On your ride take in the picturesque landscapes at sunrise as you fly gently above the Tablelands. Even if you have a fear of heights, you’ll see that your flight is very gentle and stable since you gently lift from the ground making you feel comfortable and safe. Experience the unique sensation of breathing in the crisp air on your 30 minute hot air ballooning ride across the wide-open space. When the burner is off, listen to the sounds around you as the wind whips through the air and the sounds below drift up towards you. After your flight, come back down to Earth for landing and have lots of laughs as you assist in hot air balloon pack-up games. Next, relax in the serenity of the Australian bush at a historic country homestead.

Includes: Transfers to/from Accommodation, 30-min Hot Air Balloon Ride, Expert Commentary, Cross Country Balloon Chase & Commemorative Flight Certificate and Aviation Insurance

Operates Daily 5:00am – 10:00am
(Age Restriction: No children ages 3 or younger)

Available Upgrade Options: 60 minute Ride, Luxury Ride & Private Charters