Tandem Skydive [CNS185]
Day Tour, Tandem Skydive - 14K feet. Cairns, Australia. Cairns, Australia.

Cairns is a must do skydiving destination, and this adventure provides our thrill seekers with the only possible way to see the Great Barrier Reef and the tropical landscape all at once with your own eyes in freefall and under canopy. Combine the terrain, the reef and the expansive ocean views, and it is quite simply – breathtaking.

This skydive gives you the ultimate rush with professionalism and experience that speaks for itself – A 100% COMMITMENT TO SAFETY.

Surrounded by breathtaking rainforests and the largest coral reef system in the world, paradise is waiting for you! See Australia’s most spectacular coastal views when you skydive. The skydiving team will take you to see the magic and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. It’s all about the location!

A team of highly experienced and professional instructors will help guide you through the basic steps of your jump, so no previous experience is required and you will be in the air in no time!

With the parachute deploying at 5,000ft, it leaves plenty of time to glide like a bird for several minutes of under canopy fun. Soak up the golden Cairns views over the rainforest and reef as there is enough time to take in the experience before touching back down to reality.



Need to Know

– Extra charges to be paid on the day include a $35 levy and admin fee.
– Guests aged between 12 – 18 years must have parental or legal guardian consent.
– Any client weighing 209 lbs or more must be assessed by a Safety Officer onsite to determine safety issues to due harness size restrictions and weather conditions.


– Pick up and drop off from your accommodation
– 14,000ft dive (up to 60 seconds)


Photos and videos available for an additional cost:

– Handicam Photos (50 – 80 images)
– Handicam Video
– Handicam Video and Photos (50 – 80 images)
– Dedicated Photos (80 – 100 images)
– Dedicated Video (3 – 5 min)
– Dedicated Video and Photo package
– Ultimate Video and Photo package (Handicam and Dedicated Cam)