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Bonorong Feeding Frenzy [HBA83]
Day Tour - Bonorong Feeding Frenzy

Visitors to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary rave about our unique and in-depth guided tours. You will meet the wombats, Tasmanian Devils and Koalas, learn their names, watch them being fed, have the opportunity to pat them, take some close-up photos, and find out how they came to live in the Park. You will learn things on our tours about Australian wildlife that will leave you amazed.

Activities for this tour include: Feeding the wombats their daily snacks; Giving the cockatoos their (sometimes) wriggly treats; Hooking the Tassie devil onto its snack & start a game of tug of war; Meeting our two unique species of quoll and spotting their differences; Feeding fresh eucalyptus to the koalas whilst stroking their thick, woolly fur; Hand-feeding the tawny frogmouth birds and watching them swallow their food whole; Spotting the secretive and little known Tasmanian bettongs in their grassy nests; Seeing the sweet-toothed sugar gliders come out for their dessert.

Tour Operates: 10:00am and 1:30pm; Tour Duration: 2.5 Hours
This is a group tour with a private guide. Please note transfers are not included as this is a self-drive tour.