Photographer Credits

It takes a lot of talent to capture in a photo the true essence of a destination like Australia.   We’d like to express our sincere appreciation to all the Photographers whose photos we have used throughout this website.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photos we’ve used on clearly tell a story of beauty, flavor and uniqueness for each destination. To give each Photographer direct credit for their images we have noted (where possible) their name and the image source next to each photo in our Photo Galleries.

Promoting Australia vacations & tours to the South Pacific is our passion.  From our promotions and sale of travel packages we are able to contribute to many local communities, both here in the USA and at home throughout the South Pacific. We employ people & we generate tourism revenue for local small business. We feel good about what we do, and we love to hear feedback that our clients had a”‘vacation of a life-time”.  A very important part of this process is “inspiring” people to consider Australia & the South Pacific as a possible vacation destination.  The best way we’ve found to “inspire” is by showcasing our stunning landscapes, wildlife, cities and townships through imagery.  If you have any images, videos or photos of Australia, New Zealand or Fiji that you would like to contribute to help inspire travel to Australia and the South Pacific, please Contact Us.

We would like to give special thanks & exposure to the following Photographers who have specifically contributed to Tourism for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & USA via their amazing Photography:

Australian Photographer (Perth, WA): Carly Donohue

Thank you,

From all of us here at About Australia!